Thursday, 21 September 2017

Week 9 Google Certification Examination Level 1

It  felt sad that our Friday sessions were over, as we were really enjoying working with Dorothy, Mat and Gerhard in getting up to speed with technology. Dorothy advised us to go over some of the opportunities Manaiakalani teachers have to sign up for in 2018.

For a few days including today, we got to feel what it's like to be in the shoes of students preparing for exams. We were nervously awaiting the 3 hour Google Certification Examination . I did  the preparation all right, and after eight sessions of intense learning , I was feeling confident of passing the exam.  I didn't expect to find the test so long, so I didn't quite make it and so did many of us in class. This makes me determined to enrol again soon and pass it.

Having spent nine weeks working as a very close team, sharing and supporting each other in our learning journey, we have made some new friends and I can imagine this living on. Thank you all from the group above.


  1. I love your attitude! All the way through the nine weeks you have been positive and demonstrated the 'lifelong learner' approach to everything. And this final hurdle you reflect on today displays this too. I am looking forward to seeing that badge on here and also Level 2. It is the exam process, not the knowledge, that caught you out.

  2. Thanks for those encouraging words Dorothy. When we fail, which is a part of life, we become stronger and even more determined. I do feel a lot more confident now than I felt at the beginning of the term. Many thanks to you and the awesome team.

  3. It has been great to work with you Kaysee. We were also blessed to work with Dorothy and her team, Matt & Gerard. Great team work guys. Looking forward to more work like this... All the best for this new year. Bring it on!!!