Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Google Sites

This was an extremely useful session where we learned to create Google sites. What I really liked was the ability to make the site a multimodal one where students can have access to a number of different modes when learning about a particular topic. For my students, I really want to create a site that looks inviting so I have used images and linked them to websites and sound links as well as video links.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

SCREENCASTIFY We used Screencastify to explain how one should comment on blogs. I hate listening to my own voice, but I am sure you may pick up a few tips on how to make good blog comments by watching the video below.

Explain Everything

CHROME BOOK SHORTCUTS Today was a really good brush up on using Chromebooks shortcuts. I feel so confident to be able to teach these shortcuts to my students. I know that they would love the two finger tap to be able to access the functions that one would get on a PC.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Day 3 Gmail Calendar and  Hangouts

Got better at organising my Google Calendar to get it to work for me and help organise my life. It was also very useful to set up a meeting with other collaborators. I learned to turn on and set a very useful feature on Gmail which would allow you to "undo send," perhaps very useful if you forward an incorrect attachment or email and you wish to undo that within a few seconds before it's actually sent.

I used to use MSN Messenger to communicate with my siblings who resided in Australia and South Africa. Having learned about hangouts , I feel confident that this is a way I can have a 6 way communication with all my siblings who live in different countries.. I could even use it with a small group of students at my school, not a large group since it can be time consuming to set up and  you probably need a few confident users to help with setting up.

We got into groups of 3 and we commented on a student's  creativity in writing on hangouts and that was really exciting to be able to complete the entire process from inviting the group via. Calendar to recording the screen and sound.

Click below to view the screen recording .
I do apologise for the annoying sound which came about as a result of having the volume on the microphone turned up too high. That's something I will remember to correct on my next screen