Thursday, 27 July 2017

Manaiakalani Digital Intensive Day 1

My colleagues have attended the  Digital Fluency Intensive  Programme in the second term and were wowed with the amount of digital tips that they have learned as the nine week programme gave them sufficient time to learn and consolidate. I was keen to get in and upskill myself with digital technology so I could impart those skills to my students to get them hooked in their learning and to make them lifelong learners. It was interesting to hear about the journey of the Manaiakalani Cluster   from the early years to its present day success stories. What a beautiful successful journey?
I really enjoyed finding new Add Ons to Google Docs and I am really excited to share some of those with my students. I think by using Headings in Docs was an awesome way to help readers get to specific parts of your document quickly.